Sharon Hall - Owner / Groomer - "A Dream Come True"

Being a dog lover all of my life I started at a very early age dreaming of having a career surrounded by dogs.

As a child growing up in Alberta we would travel on a regular basis to Calgary to visit my Grandparents.  Along the highway I noticed one day a huge sign that said Doggy Hotel.  Well I thought that it was the BEST IDEA ever.  Owning a place where dogs could come and stay, where they would be loved and pampered and know they were in a safe place protected and cared for.  I know my dogs would think they did something terribly wrong if they were  locked in cages with cold concrete floors and no one to play with while I was away.  It didn’t matter if it was for 10 minutes or 10 days…. That was just an unspeakable thought, so my vision was born and as I grew so did my dream.  To me, your fur-baby is family,  and are loved and appreciated for every personality trait,  slurpy kiss and tail wag.  They are not just a dumb animal to be used and exploited on a person’s whim.

Coming from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs it never occurred to me that this dream wouldn’t one day become a reality, however the right time and opportunity never seemed to present itself…. And Then…. It was time to make a change …. I found myself at the start of a new chapter in my life and the opportunity to follow my Heart…..

With some study, research and networking it was Back to School I Go…… and with more Study and Hard Work attended Just About Pets Wellness Center and was certified as a Dog Groomer.  But I wasn’t finished yet, next I was lucky enough to obtain the support and knowledge of all the wonderful people involved in the SEEDS program where I was taught everything I needed to know about being a business owner…

My love and passion for dogs has been a consistent in my life and the unwavering belief that dogs are truly a part of our family unit is the driving force behind Buds and Suds Doggy Play Spa.

Our Mission is to provide “Peace of Mind” to dog lover owners by offering multiple services in a clean, friendly, home like setting. An environment that is open and accepting, yet safe and professional. Striving to create an atmosphere where each dog is treated as if they were a part of my own pack.

We hope that you will make Buds and Suds Doggy Play Spa your “Home away from Home”.

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