Dog Groomer, Professional and Caring! Working together with your dog groomer is a very important step in maintaining both the physical and mental well being of your beloved pet.

Ideally the introduction to grooming begins at puppy hood.  If you wait too long your puppy may not be agreeable to it later on.  Ear cleaning and nail clipping maybe particularly troublesome.  Please note this is especially important for long hair dogs which usually require more frequent and interactive grooming sessions.

There are so many reasons why getting your dog groomed on a regular basis is essential besides having them looking and smelling good.

Brushing is a vital part for all breeds of dogs.  Most dogs live indoors and so molt quicker and more often than their wild counterparts.  Brushing removes loose dead hair, dirt and dry skin from the coat as well as stimulates the skin increasing blood flow and natural oils giving the coat a healthy, shiny sheen. In our fast paced lives sometimes this step is missed so regular appointments with your dog groomer ensure this is maintained.

Animals with long hair, such as Poodles, Shih Tzu, and Yorkie’s, are just a few that usually require regular appointments with a professional groomer.   6 – 10 weeks is an average Grooming cycle for most dogs however this depends on breed, coat and activity level of the individual animal and owners preference.  Hair that becomes tangled and matted can cause serious health issues for your pet as dirt and oils can accumulate under the mats developing bacteria that can cause painful skin infections and the mats themselves can be painful as they pull and stretch the skin underneath.  Severe matting can even affect your pets ability to see, walk and eat normally.  Short to medium coated breeds such as Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd or Beagles that shed frequently also benefit from keeping routine grooming appointments.  This routine keeps the coat thin, healthy and tremendously reduces the amount of loose hair in your home.

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Each grooming session is also an opportunity for a quick Health Check helping to keep your Furry Friend in peak condition.  Lumps, bumps, growths, bald spots, skin irritations cuts and any other abnormalities are some things checked for.  Eyes, Ears, Teeth and Nails should also be checked for infections or inflammation.  When found at an early stage these problems can be treated right away before they have a chance to become more serious.  Sometimes people can be lacks when checking their dogs however an experienced dog groomer may spot something the owner has missed.  This could be as minor as fleas or a lump that is in a hard place to spot.

The dogs nails are something else that should be trimmed on a monthly basis.  Active dogs that wear them down don’t require regular clipping however most indoor dogs usually do. Long nails including dewclaws can grow into the toe pads and skin causing pain and infections.  They are the most common cause of chiropractic problems in dogs and can contribute to joint pain and stiffness.  This can also  interfere with their ability to walk or interact in daily activities.

Some dogs also grow extra amounts of hair between their paw pads and/or sanitary areas.  Excessive hair in these places can lead to hygienic problems, matting, growth of harmful bacteria and even cause problems defecating and urinating.  Keeping the pads free of hair not only prevents dirt and oils from building up and hardening between the pads it also supports the dogs cooling system allowing the circulation of the air to flow freely through their pads.

A professional dog groomer has the tools and knowledge to enhance your dogs coat.  The knowledge of each individual breed so they can clip a dog to make them look balanced instead of using one style to fit all types.  They will use the best shampoos and conditioners and can identify which shampoo would be best to enhance a certain type of coat.  Aerating the coat leaves it light and bouncy, and a warm bath with rich clean latter is a relief for dry irritated skin.  The result being a clean, sweet smelling, touchable coat.

Not only is the Physical Well Being of your dog important but the Mental Well Being of your dog is just as important.  An improved mental state in your dog leads to better behaviour.  Like people, dogs that feel better are generally happier, more predictable and have more energy.  For example nails that are overgrown on a once active and playful dog now walks awkwardly and is uncomfortable.  Over grown hair covering eyes block the vision which can cause aggression or fear because they cannot see therefore feel threatened and defensive.  A dog grooming spa will very often also provide the opportunity for canine social skills to develop and be practiced by interacting with the other dogs. Book your dog groomer appointment today!

Dog Groomer - Surrey
Dog Groomer - Surrey
Dog Groomer - Surrey
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